Проектирование заводов, площадок

Bioethanol plant in Zolotonosha

Расчет градирен

Water-cooling tower of Kharkiv Combined Heat and Power Plant

Проектирование стальных ферм

Ceramic tile plant ATEM in Kiev

Завод Oberbeton. г.Житомир

Concrete product plant of “Oberbeton Ukraine” in Zhytomyr

Проектирование котельных

Building of Boiler House with storage bins in Abakan, Republic of Khakassia, Russia

Bim technologies

Logistic center (main and administrative buildings) in Poltava

Спорткомлекс в с.Горбаневка

Sportcomplex “Rozsoshentsy”, Poltava

Refining Machines of oil refinery plant in Nizhnekamsk

Проектирование ТРК

Shopping center “Galaktika” in Kremenchug

Обследование здания

Structural survey of PJSC "Sumy Frunze Machine-Building Science and Production Association"

Проектирование промышленных зданий

Logistic center in Fastov, Kyiv Oblast

Проектирование складский зданий

Warehouse in Pavlograd

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